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My Name is ZitaZoo, I am an entrepreneur in Wheelchair. Everyone has a story and all of them need to be told but some of them need a lot of things before they get told.

ZitaZoo is about believing in yourself, get your dreams fulfilled, and do the next right thing.

I am ZitaZoo, an Entrepreneur, Wisdom Biz Owner,
Communicator, Mentor, Content Creator, Speaker,
Graphic designer.

Knowledge + Understanding = Communication

My story begins here and now. Family, business & myself but most of you.
I love life, my kids. Here and now, I give you my dream. I want to live to serve.

I always know I will and I was meant to, so now I’m going to. The Secret To Living Is Giving. I love to serve and be there for you! You Rock.

Subscribe and press the bell on my 2 channels @ZitaZoo & @ZloggZ & ZitaZooMe on Instagram & Facebook. @ZitaZoo on TikTok

Follow my way to my dream to serve and of travel to & around Florida, US.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.