Res dig Ur Soffan KÄRLEK till Hon i Huset bredvid.

Ibland behöver man gå vidare och göra det som är nödvändigt. Man behöver se vad man lärt sig och ta ny tag.

RES DIG OCH GÖR DIG. Ta bort den INFLUENSEN du har i källaren och var du. Gör det du tror på. Du är vacker och oavsett hur mycket du tycker jag svikit dig så var det för du skulle upp ur soffan och bli DU så som du borde vara. Han i källaren och jag i studion är inte du. DU MÅSTE VARA DU. Sluta TYSTA säg det DU VILL och gör det DU TROR på. Vi kan inte göra det åt dig. 

Du Kvinna (vill inte ge ditt namn) Jag älskar dig på avstånd och kommer inte sluta med det. Men snälla var du för dig.




Throughout my life, a shadow has rested over me. No matter how far or fast I run, it follows. For a long time I have thought I will never be free from it.

Until the day came when I realized that the shadow was myself. The shadow was a scared self that sought comfort, confirmation and love. No matter how I ran, I found none of it and everything turned into a disaster. Because no matter how fast I was, the shadow was faster. Like a hurricane, it took everything in its path.

The day when my “trash hold” became too full then I spat on everything. That day I hate the whole world. That day I decided that I would learn to love myself.

Imagine that you are watching a movie where the lyrics come at a fast pace towards you and they never end. After a while, you start to feel very annoyed with them and prefer to switch off. But you can not. The lyrics become questions that come up again and again, for every lap they pop up a new question comes up and you stand there with no answers at all.

All of a sudden you are in a plot not of nothing with clouds that are questions. Some issues bring rain, wind and hurricane. Some of them bring the sun with heat warmer than you can ever imagine. Some questions are so foggy that you do not see anything but all questions are part of the fear you feel about different things.

The only friend or foe if you will, you have here is the shadow that will never stop following you.

But no matter how difficult it is, you become more and more confident that you will be able to do this. This has only one drawback. YOU MUST BE HONEST TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

You know deep down that this honesty has a price. But you ask yourself what is the best pain or pleasure and What is pain or pleasure in questions we ask ourselves?


Sometimes in life, you need to go back to basic. Today I realized that the last piece fell into place. I realized that I have to bee me fore me. not me for you and everybody else.

Today I realized that my ideas rock! I realized that if you going to get something from me it’s going to be the authentic truth the person I really am. In Oktober, 2019 something happened, a journey started. A journey whit many tears and a lot of decisions have been made and this journey has now come to the foundation of back to basics and my heart knows today where it should be and do!

Thanks, I give to a person that inside knows what that person means to me and allows giving me the power to go up and always take one more step. Now it is time to see, hear, and give you all my journey to help all of you that want it!