ZitaZoo Against The World

This line was the headline of a comment I got a couple of years back. It told me that I was an ashold and I did not have the right to think, love and be me!

At this time you still had the chance to seek the IP address and find out how did post this comment. The comment writer called "it" self Fredrik Fredriksson. Me and my husband did find out how it was and we did laugh about it many times over the year!

Today I THANKS the person how did write that comment. It was the start of telling the world and myself how I am. I still today think as I did back then, I still believe and stand at my spoken word, now more than ever before.

Myself learning to become the one I want did take a good amount of time and today I am satisfied with my result and keep learning and doing all I can to reach my dream.

Today we sitting with the fact of how did hurt me and my family. But what amuses me at most today is that the writer to the comment still is the some and have not changed a bit, even some of the persons around this person has not changed a bit. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that the one that hurt us and still trays to do so, is not the same as the comment writer.

It's so clear to me now with my history, I can't go back here again. Today I do all I can do to give my family peace and travel to our dream and do what we want, But most to be in pleas there the women how is stalking and hurts us do not find us!

With that said, you can see/listen to the vlog, blog, and podcast and follow to see if we succeed to get where we want and many more things.

This time it is "My way or the Highway"!!!

Hugs and Love from Stockholm, Sweden


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